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More quiz things ((am I really this bored? XD; ))

So, I yoinked this from someone's journal...as you can see, this person's a Yugioh fan XDD I then went searching on the quiz site myself for more Yugioh quizzes XDD;

Which YuGiOh Character is Your Soulmate? by leiko
Fave Color:
Who:Yami Bakura
When you will meet:October 10, 2007
Where:In a library
What you will do:Talk and blush
When You will be married:October 3, 2014

This result makes me quite happy XDDD; Although...It seems a bit out of character XD; I don't really picture him being in a library XDDD;

The Yugioh Killing Spree by HikariEryaviel
Favorite Color:
You Were Killed By:Yami Bakura
On:April 1, 2224
Because:You stole the Cheese Grinder
How:The Plot Bunnies found you.
Their Side-kick:Sugoroku (he broke on the way)
Other Victims Like You:24

wtf? ;0;

What Yugioh Character are you destined to kill? by priestsmustdie
Choose a weapon to kill
You will killBakura
BecauseThey were annoying you
OnApril 8, 2032

...wtf again? O___o ((Please note, this is the FIRST I have taken each of these quizzes...yet, somehow...Bakura always comes up as the first result XDDD; But if I put in 'Ysa' or 'Java' the answers change XDDD;

Which Yugioh Character were you destined to kill? by Jou-Pup
WhyYou hated them
WhereIn an Alley
How?You didn't kill them, you gave them eternal pain
Did you get away with it?
who bailed you out?Ryou

AGAIN!! What the hell?! XDDDD;

Which Yugioh Character Would Like You? by stormez
Fave Colour:
Fave Card:
Fave Character:
Who Would Like You:
How Much They Like You:

How Much You Like Them:

Do You Stay Together:No

It's a MIRACLE!! A break-through!! XDDD; Marik's pretty cool though XDDD

Yeah...so...That was fun for a while XDD;
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