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I believe that all of you are aware of my latest obsession with those BEAUTIFUL and gosh-darned expensive ball joint dolls. And I am aware that you guys find me absolutely crazy for wanting to buy them...well...you're all going to think I'm even MORE crazy now...


Not all at teh same time of course!! I'd have to be at least 50 kinds of crazy to attempt that!! O____O

Aaaanyway, here are the six I plan to get eventually ^^


The first four in teh set are going to be my 'Wammy Boys,' each named after the four featured residents of the Wammy House orphanage in Death Note. They will be brothers...except for Matt...Matt shall be Mihael's lover u.u ((Ignore Matt's black hair in the banner there. I've planned him to be a redhead XDD; ))

The last two are named after two characters in Harry Potter. ^^ Lily shall be Lawliet's lover....as for Sirius...he's just..there...My sister suggested that he would be the Wammy boys' annoying neighbor XDD;

So yes, I have thought of everyone's personalities, likes, dislikes, and even down to their favorite colors...and their AGES AND FASHION SENSE XDDD;

Lawliet 19, 'Elegant Goth' ((You'll get what this means when I get him and take pics XDD;...or maybe I can show you an example of some other doll wearing the style in another post XDD; ))
Mihael 18, Lots of Leather...umm..'Sexy Goth'...? XD;
Near 12, 'Little Prince' ((in other words, he wears lots of pretty and nice clothes that typical little boys wouldn't wear XDD; ))
Matt 18, 'Casual Punk'...lots of horizontal stripes x3
Lily 17, mostly pretty dresses XDD;
Sirius 15,...um...casual? or whatever my sister and I come up with?...I definitely plan on having a Hogwarts uniform made for him ^^

And on a random note, my sister was the one who originally gave me the idea to get a doll named and based off of Sirius Black. She helped me pick out which doll would suit him best. She was very excited by this XDD; She even said she'd go as far as help pay for him XDD; So therefore, in return, she gets half custody of Sirius. XDDDD; Maybe I can even buy a Remus doll XDD; I already have one picked out XDD;

Crazy? Probably...but I know several dollowners who have at least 10 or MORE. But...I'll work hard!! I can do it!! x3 I'm going to start saving for Lawliet as soon as I come back from my trip to Florida. x3 As soon as school starts I'm also going to get a job. I shall also save my birfday moneh and possibly some Christmas moneh, as well whatever I don't use from my weekly allowance.

I'll have all of them someday ^^
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