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DOLL UPDATE version 2.0! >XO

Yosh!! Doll Update Part Dos! *holds up two fingers* >XO

I do NOT plan to back down from getting these dolls!! I believe that it is possible, so now I've added...


That's right!! Our Sirius will have a Remus to hang out with!! >XO Ignore Remus' silver hair and gray eyes. I am going to change that XDDD; Those two will have lots of photoshoots together x3 I already plan to make a cute pair of doggy/werewolf ears and tails for them. ^^

And, I am adding another girl to my lovely collection so Lily won't feel all alone ^^ She shall be named after and based off of my sister's favorite character from the anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato. She's awesome. XDD; I'll most likely have a school uniform made for her...and that'll be pretty much the only thing she'll ever wear...unless I feel like dressing her in a different outfit for special occasions XDD; She will of course have the optional witch hat, cape, and the 'Starring Inferno.' XDDD;

And in case any of you don't know what Yuki Nagato looks like, here's her picture ^^

That's the front of the uniform ^^

Yuki N. will also have her optional glasses of course u.u As well as a bunch of books, perhaps even her guitar..and a specific chair for her to sit in all the time XDD;

Sooo, here are their ages one more time x3

Lawliet 19
Mihael 18
Near 12
Matt 18
Lily 17
Sirius 15
Remus 15
Yuki N. 15

I'll probably tell you guys more about each of them individually as I get them ^^ Although...you can get to know Yuki N. just by watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. XDDD; It's a really good series.

And yes, she will be called 'Yuki N.' u.u
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