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The 'Family' has been REUNITED!!...almost! ^^

That's right!! Today, we had our lovely 'family' gathered at HOME BASE. Father came home for the weekend. Tim and Nikki came over as well x3 All we needed was Satoshi-kun there too finish the family reunion!! ;0; You should really come over HOME BASE one day Satoshi-kun. We usually has amusing times that are amusing. XDDD; And you need to meet Tim XDD;

Anyway, today...was fun. We all hung out at teh house. We watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It was my first time seeing that movie actually XDDD; I REALLY liked it x3 I kinda wanna buy the dvd now. ^^

Ah, and I'm back in the 'iconing' mood, so I'll probably make several icons from it. XDDD; Speaking of which, I kinda feel like iconing something now. ^^


DOT Lahoo: $106/$692

OH!! I broke the 100 dollar barrier bitches!!! >XO Java-chan's gonna bring you home Lawliet!!! ;0;

Ah yeah, I drew a chibi-fied version of my future dolly in my notebook today in class. I was SOOOOOO bored DDDX

I'll probably scan in later to show you all ^^
Tags: 'family', hanging out, home base

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