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Just in case you guys didn't know already XDDD;

I still don't know what I'm doing XDD; I think my family and I are going to go to a restaurant for dinner on my actual birthday. So, I won't be at Anime Club this week XDDD;

And then...maybe...over the weekend or something, I think I may have a get-together with friends...or...something...I still have no idea really XDDD;

And...what do I want for my birthday this year?...I...have no idea XDD; I'll appreciate any presents I do get though ^^

Perhaps I can get to the mall soon though XDD; I still need to buy my striped socks <33

In other news, my cousins from the Philippines came today!! It was awesome!! I found it quite amusing that they thought it was so cold. It's really hot in the Philippines, so they're not used to the New York weather XDDD;

They sure grew a lot since the last time I saw them though. One of them, who used to be such a shrimp is now taller than I am XDDD; No fair! XDD;

You may get to meet them soon though. One of them has the same birthday as I do, so if I do manage to have a get-together with friends, my cousins will be there too XDD;

On a random note, I'm in a rather cosplay-y mood right now XDD; I did a random psuedo-Sasuke cosplay last night cause I was bored. I just used some random stuff I could find in my closet XDDD;

I should have taken pictures. Ah well...I'll do it again soon. I should actually post a whole bunch of pictures from past cosplays here XDDD;


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692

I'm gonna stop saving for you for now...I'm sorry Lawliet!! I'll bring you home someday!! ;0;
Tags: birthday, cosplay, cousins, life, random

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