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Halloween picy-tures desu!! x3

I've FINALLY gotten around to resizing and uploading all my Halloween pics desu XDDDD; Halloween was fun by the way. My feet hurt SOOO from walking around in those chunky, platform shoes...but...the candy was worth it XDDD; Plus, it's preparation for the con in December. I shall be Misa Misa then as well. ^^ Unfortunately, I didn't really get that much pictures of the actual trick or treating or of everyone else's costumes. My camera battery was in my friend's pocket at the time and I didn't get a chance to get it until after everything happened XDDD; So..These pictures are pretty much...all of me XDDDD; Sorry about that ^^;;;

The first few pictures are of me in the Sbarro's my friends and I ate at after trick or treating. The rest are of my little photo shoot in my bedroom. XDDD; I had to take them myself, so they have those funky 'MySpace/Facebook' type angles XDDD; I did quite enjoy taking them though ^^

Anyway, here are the pictures! ^^ There's quite a bit though. I hope you guys don't mind ^^;;


Someone in our trick or treating group was a samurai, so I borrowed his wooden sword for a while XDDD;

This is pretty much the only full body shot of my cosplay that I got XP

This is the start of my private photoshoot in my room XDDD;

Yes, I realize that I don't have Misa's Death Note XP I should probably get it for NY Anime Festival though. Or...I could just alter the one I have. I could like...tape a different cover for it o.o...or something o.o

L pose desu!! x3

*dreamy sigh* Aaahh...Raito-kuun... I have a Death Note wallscroll in my room and I decided to use it as a background for my photoshoot ^^

The L side of my wallscroll!! <333 I didn't mean to take just the L side though. I was doing something in teh pic, but I got cut off. I guess I didn't hold the camera right XDDD; You can still see me there...off to the side XDDD;

There we go! XDDD; Sorry Light, Misa may love you, but Java-chan is an L fangirl through and through <333 It was also his birthday on Halloween! There's my present for him I guess XDDD;

<3333 Oh, and by the way, as I was resizing these pics, I noticed that Rem just happened to be above me on the poster XDD;

I decided to take a few pics with Rem as well ^^ I like Rem, she's really cool. Although...I forgot to take some pics with Ryuk!! ;________; I loooove Ryuk!!

L pose again!! x3

This is of me attempting to try and take a full body shot of my cosplay...it didn't really work though XDDD;

So I settled for doing this instead XDDD;

Misa Misa poses!! ^^

And a few shots with Kumagorou!! <333 He's from Gravitation in case any of you aren't familiar ^^

Writing in the Death Note desu!! >X3

One last failed attempt at a full body shot XDDD;

Back to the Light side of the Death Note wallscroll! ^^

And the last one!

Desu Noto...

And there you have it!! Sorry for the massive amount of pics @____@ Overall, I like the pics, but someday, perhaps for NY Anime Festival, I would like to have a real photoshoot, you know, someone else taking the pics for me and like...so you'll be able to see my BODY and the actual COSTUME XDDD; And I want to be able to pose more, rather than just pose like...my hands or something XDDD;

Also, I wish to improve the cosplay a bit before the con. I want a slightly better blouse. The one I'm wearing in these pics is okay, but I know that I can find better blouses. ^^ I don't like how my hair is in these pics. My mom did it, and she like...didn't give me enough bangs DX And, finally, I want to put some makeup on. Dark, thick eyelashes, some eyeliner and perhaps some red lipstick. And I think I want to paint my nails red as well. ^^

And, I also have several more things to talk about, so expect perhaps...two more journal entries from me today ^^


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $121

I have more saved up for the con, I just haven't gotten around to counting it XDDD; It's probably over $150 though XDDD;

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