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As promised desu...Pseudo L cosplay

Yup, that's right. Instead of finishing up an essay, I took some time to resize and upload all of the random private photoshoot pictures that I took XDDD; I decided to start by showing you guys my ghetto L cosplay XDD;

...Nah, not really. It's not really that ghetto. It's pretty much done. All I need is the hair XDDD; And some props, like sweets...but...that's easy XDD;

Anyway! I took three L photoshoots in total. XDD; They were all done on different nights by the way XDD;


My favorite shot out of the whole shoot. x3

I'm not cosplaying in this one though. This is just me...With Kumagorou desu~! <33

I'm not wearing the right shirt in these pics though. XDDD; That's actually my pajama top XDDD;


My favorite pic out of this shoot. x3

A pic with the one who inspired this shoot XDD;

I decided to take an eyeliner pencil and do the dark circles under my eyes. In this shoot, I concentrated mostly on the eyes. I wanted to perfect that 'L gaze.' I wanted to make my eyes look big as possible without looking...I dunno...possessed or something XDD; And I wanted to do his more serious look, without losing my eyes or making them too small.

I'm also wearing a better shirt this time XDD;


My favorite one out of this shoot. x3

I wore my jeans this time. ^^ In this shoot, I wanted to focus on the classic 'L pose.' But since I was taking these pics myself, I couldn't get a good shot of my body. XDDD; Ah wells...I think these turned out well in the end. ^^

And! As a small bonus!

This was done the same night as L photoshoot 2.

This photoshoot was inspired by new, skinny, black jeans. They looked like pants Mello would wear XDD; This shoot was just so I could practice making the 'badass' facial expression XDD; Since Mello's so badass XDD; I still need to get an appropriate wig for this cosplay though. XDDD;

Yeah, so those are my pics. I didn't want to overload this post with too many pictures, so I shall be posting my Sasuke cosplay in another entry! ^^


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $223
Christmas money: $0
Tags: cosplay, l, mello

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