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As you may or may not know, I went with friends to New York Anime Festival this past weekend. And, holy crap, was it fun. I actually thought the con could be a tad more organized, but hey, it's NYAF's first year. I'm sure they'll get better as time goes on. They just need to spread out more throughout the building so that they can add more events such as panels, and screenings, etc.

Let's see...I don't remember every single detail entirely, but here are few hilights of that day...


vary funny and amusing XDD; Perhaps the best thing that we went to that entire day XDD;


There had to be at least 20 people doing the dance. XDD; It was AWESOME!!


I was cosplaying as Soel, the white Mokona from CLAMP's works. A TON of people recognized me, saying things such as 'OMG! You're Mokona!!' or 'HOLY CRAP, I'M OBSESSED with Mokona!' or 'Mokona is God!' XDDD;

A lot of people also asked to take my picture. I felt quite flattered XDD;


Cause everyone just LOOOOOBVES the dealer room <333333

Now then! Enough of my chattering!! Let's get on with the MANY pictures I took!! Puu~! <333

A Kyou-kun cosplayer!! This one was taken with you in mind Father!!! x3

Haruhi Suzumiya!!! This one is a friend of a friend from Anime Club ^^

Kikyou!! She was sooo good!! I loved her outfit!! ^^

Kingdom Hearts group desu!! x3 I really like Riku's wig XDD;

L hanging out at the maid cafe with Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She [L] even brought a plastic cake XDD;

And now....for the

There was only one Light at this gathering of L's...and this one had a Yaoi paddle XDDD;

Ah, here come some more XDD;

A random girl from the maid cafe wanted to have a picture with them. Step away lady, they're MINE.

I have a picture with these several L's. My friend, Tim, took the picture though. He still has to upload his. ^^ He also got a picture of me glomping a random Mello that was there too XDDDDD;

Light with the Yaoi paddle again XDDD;

My friends, Abby and Satoshi!! Otherwise known as 'Abbytoshi!' They're SOOOO CUTE together!!! They're like a shoujo-ai couple in a manga/anime!!! Ah, and there's their love child, 'Baby Ushi' in Satoshi's arms ^^

More 'AbbyToshi!' By the way, Satoshi MADE her Cow-Loli dress!! It's amazing!! I wish I knew how to sew ;0;

ENVY!!!!<33333 Why someone was Envy during December, i have no idea. XDD; I definitely had to get this one's picture though. YAY FOR ENVEH LOBVE <333 I should really upload some pics of MY Envy cosplay sometime ^^

The Scarecrow from Howl's Moving Castle! Love that movie...the book's better though <33 Go read it!!

The LUCKY CHANNEL!!! <33333

An AWESOME Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket. I should have gotten a view of the black part of the wig too, cause it was awesome ^^

This is pretty much the ONLY picture I have of myself on my camera XDD; But Mokona just HAD to take a picture with Sakura-hime!! x3

And another picture with her!! x3

Aggh! My finger got in the way there XP But anyway, this is my friend Brittany ((Wolfwood)) and her boyfriend. ((Vash)) Their Trigun cosplays are AWESOME!!! I think they look A LOT like the characters XDD;

Of course...their boyfriend-girlfriend status is taken advantage of for some yaoi fanservice XDDDD;

Ash, Pikachu, and Officer Jenny!! YEY!! XD;

COUNT D!!!!!  <3333
I had seen this AMAZING Count D cosplayer quite a lot around cosplay.com. I had no idea that she was in the New York area!!

Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle <3333

Dani-chan got mushroomed. XDD;
It's really Tim's hat by the way XDD;

From left to right: Veronica Taylor ((original voice of Ash Ketchum, Pokemon)), Rachel Lillis ((original voice of Jessie and Misty, Pokemon)), Lisa Ortiz ((voice of Lina Inverse, Slayers)), Peter Fernandez ((voice of Speed Racer)), and Corrine Orr ((voice of Trixie, Speed Racer))

For balljoint doll fans!! Tender Shall and Sha of Dream of Doll!!! <3333
Here's what these cosplayers are dressed as!!
Aren't they just GORGEOUS!?


Hunny-sempai and Usa-chan desu!!! x3

Tamaki, Haruhi, and Kyouya!! In person, they're blazers were more of a purple, lavender-ish color...however, when i took their picture, the blazer color turned into a bluish color...like in the show...how...peculiar XDD;
But anyway, I really liked this group's blazers. They look so well made!! *0*

Axel and Roxas!! They're so cute!!! And their wigs are AMAZING <333 Seriously! They look just like their hair in teh game!!! <333

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! <33333333 In my excitement of the con, I never actually got to glomp a single L cosplayer...
However, this happened towards the end of the day. Me and my friends were sitting around the maid cafe and this L passed by. He was so nice! He let me glomp him after I asked.

"Misa Misa-san is over there" he said, pointing to Misa. I had to take a picture with her too...cause L and Misa are my two favorite Death Note characters...and my DN OTP
In other news...doesn't this pic kinda say...'L is a player'?  Look at that...XDD; two girls at his side XDD;

Dani-chan wearing Haruhi's ribbon...it does NOT suit her...and she admitted that as well XDD;

I have just a few more pictures to add on, but I don't want this to be overkill. So i'll save it for another entry XDD;
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