furubariceball (furubariceball) wrote,

It's that time again...

Yes...once AGAIN it is that time during my school day in which i have absolutely NOTHING to do. So, since I have SOOOOO much time on my hands, I shall make a list of what I am thinking about as I sit on my ass for the next hour and a half pretending I have something important to do. I don't even have freaking homework to keep me occupied DDX

1.I am bored. I'm sure you all knew that much u.u
2.Why the f*** is my spicy tuna sushi SOOOOOOOO spicy? It never used to be so spicy that i'd have to take a sip of my drink after every bite XP

3.The spiciness of the sushi has now given me a small case of the sniffles XP
4.I kinda don't want to eat it anymore...but there's sooo many of them left that I don't want to waste it so I shall eat it anyway XP

5.Lalala...waiting for Father to be done with class so I can bother talk to her on AIM whilst I sit here doing nothing XP

6.I lobve having a good set of headphones again x3 There's actually no funky cafe music playing and I think I'd die if I had to sit in teh silence for teh next hour and a half XP

7.'Nazo nazo, mitai ni...' *listening to Hare Hare Yukai desu, fighting temptation to start doing the dance XDDD; *

8.Only 4 more pieces of sushi left!! Java-chan can do eet desu!! >XO </ determined, despite the fact that her tongue is like...burning right now XDDD;;;>

9.Sing Ryuichi! Sing! *feels like dancing to 'Shining Collection'*
10.I feel like drawing...perhaps i should have brought the my art stuffs...
11.In case you were wondering, I'm currently working on Ryuko and Ryuka aka: 'The Smex Twins' That shall be their unofficial nicknames XDDD;

11.Gonna replay 'Shining Collection' because i f***ing love this song.

Tags: blargh, bored, life, random, wtf?

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