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[insert witty title heeere]

It's been a while since I last posted, huh? Once again, it's most likely cause there's nothing that interesting to post about XP

EDIT: I decided to make this entry look a bit more organized XDD; (Yes, I am THAT bored.)

2.My first class was canceled.
3.I would have skipped it anyway. XP
4.I wish I was told much earlier that class was canceled, that way, I could have gotten more sleeeep DDX

5.I've been drawing a lot lately.
6.I should probably upload my art onto a new deviantart account o.o
7.I finished the CUTEST, PRETTIEST, AMUSING-EST show last week. Watch Princess Princess desu! YUUJIROUxTOORU FTW

8.Death Note AND Code Geass this Saturday on [adult swim] YEY 8D
9.YEY for the Vampire Knight anime. 8D

10.I want to go to animeNEXT XP
11.It's cold in here. ;^;
12.STILL BORED (only added cause i wanted this to end in an even number XP)

Wow..this entry is totally pointless XP
Tags: bored, life, pointless entry lulz, random

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