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I am such a bad livejournal...er XDDD

Hyuuuu so, loooong time no entry. I was busy about a month ago with finals and various school related things, but I've been on vacation for at least a month now and I haven't posted anything XDDD So I shall make up for that now with two memes that I was tagged in. XDD

First is a meme that I've done before XDD


1. What's your favorite Pokeman!? :DDD

LOL. This is the most unoriginal answer in the world, but my favorite is Pikachu XDDD My second favorite is Mewtwo, third is Meowth. Original 151 FTW.

2. If you had super powers, what would they be?

I've actually always wanted the power to fly. It just seems like so much fun to soar around in the sky, plus it'd make traveling a lot easier and more environmentally friendly~ 8DD

Also, the ability to move/lift objects with my mind is another power that seems really cool x3 Oh! And shapeshifting. Those who know me would know why I  want this power XDD

3. Have you ever been out of the country? (Canada/Mexico counts. XD)

I have been to the Philippines at least...4 or 5 times I think XDD I really would love to go again though x3 A lot of relatives of mine live there ^^

Aaand...I've been in a Japanese airport for a couple hours for a stopover on the way to the Philippines...same with Korea I believe XDD Someday, I will go to the actual country of Japan and not just the airport XDD

4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

FFFF. This is HAAAARD. I don't really know. I like so many things. I would say something sweet, but that would rot my teeth after a while XDD Hmm...maybe...FFF I DON'T KNOW. Maybe salad? XDD It's really simple and it can be made differently every time, so there will be at least some variety XDD There are tons of different kinds of salad and salad dressing too so...yeah XDD

5. Light or L?

....PFFT. REALLY? Those who know me already know the answer to this question. But...if I really must answer..*points to icon.*</div>

Hyuuu now for the second meme~



Now that I think about it, I think I did this meme before. Coffee was one of my words that time too XDD But anyway, coffee~ I LOOOOOVE coffee, cappuccinos, frapaccinos, lattes and any other fancy caffeinated warm beverage that one would typically find in a Starbucks XDD It also kinda sort of inspired my nickname 'Java.' x3 Well, no not really. My nickname was derived from somewhere else, but it's just a coincidence that I happened to like the actual beverage too XDD

Death Note

Hyuu~ My fandom obsession for the first couple years of college. My craze for it has died down in the past several months or so and I've moved on to more fandoms, but Death Note will always have a special place in my heart, particularly a certain sweets loving, insomniac genius detective XDD


Hi thar, I'm Filipino~! 8DD

Lulz yes. I am Filipino and proud to be one. I can't speak the language, yet I can fully understand it.


Hi thar, I'm in college~! 8DD

Lulz yes. In late August, I will be starting my SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. ZOMFG WHY DDD8 ALREADY?! I'm a psychology major, yet I'm still not 100% sure what I will do with my life XDD;;;;;;


Otherwise known as balljoint dolls. I LOVE BALLJOINT DOLLS. They're ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I'm currently saving for one and am about $200 away from getting him. I plan to get the one in my journal banner. After him, I want to get a few more. I don't think I'll ever have more than 10 though, like a several owners I know of. That's crazy XDD

And for those who actually care/wonder, my first balljoint doll's name will be Lawliet. XDDD</div>

Aaand, that's it. I promise that I'll try to update more often XDD Oh, and AnimeNEXT 2009 con report soon~ *uploading pics to photobucket as I type XDD*
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