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"Twice as much to love, two blessings from above."

~30 Day Meme~


Day 10: A Photo of You Taken Over 10 Years Ago.

Christmas 1997. According to the math, this was taken 12 years ago, which makes me 9 years old in this picture. Once again, I'm on the new computer so there's nothing on here. I had to take this from my uncle's facebook. He's the guy in this picture, holding his two daughters with my mom. Aaand, I shall now explain the purpose for the quote chosen as the title for this entry. It is originally a quote intended for twins. LOL no one in this picture has a twin. XD But when we were younger, my parents always put my younger sister and I in matching outfits, which made a lot of strangers think we were twins. It actually still happens now if my sister and I are walking together in a store or something. Some guy in Home Depot actually stopped us to ask if we were twins, even though we weren't wearing matching outfits. The two little girls (my cousins) aren't twins either, but they were in the same boat as us. XDD;

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