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"You're a perfect devil, Lestat!" "Yes, I know. And I love to hear you say it, Louis."

~30 Day Meme~

WOOO YAY FOR CATCHING UP. This should have been posted yesterday/Friday...as it is now nearly 3 AM XDD;

Day 13: A Fictional Book

...I think I've already spazzed enough about this series on Day 04 of this meme. I don't think I have to say who my favorite character is either XD;;; I REALLY WANT TO READ BOOK 3 DAMMIT.

day 01 → your favourite song
day 02 → your favourite movie day
03 → your favourite television program day
04 → your favourite book day
05 → your favourite quote day
06 → whatever tickles your fancy day
07 → a photo that makes you happy day
08 → a photo that makes you angry/sad day
09 → a photo you took day
10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago day
11 → a photo of you taken recently day
12 → whatever tickles your fancy day
13 → a fictional book day
14 → a non-fictional book day
15 → a fanfic day
16 → a song that makes you cry (or nearly) day
17 → an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy day
19 → a talent of yours day
20 → a hobby of yours day
21 → a recipe day
22 → a website day
23 → a YouTube video day
24 → whatever tickles your fancy day
25 → your day, in great detail day
26 → your week, in great detail day
27 → this month, in great detail day
28 → this year, in great detail day
29 → hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days day
30 → whatever tickles your fancy

Tags: 30 day meme, lestat is pretty, vampires yay, yay

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