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I-con Report! (Part I)

I-con 26 was...


In order for me to make sure I don't skip anything important, I shall have to tell of my adventures in time order. Let's start with Friday.


Friday was pretty cool. I got to see the various voice actors that were there. Unfortunately, Nikkeh and I got to the VA panel late, but we did manage to catch the last several minutes of it. After that all the guy VA's got out and the female ones stayed behind for the 'Female Characters in Anime' panel.

They were all really cool. And we got to hear Caitlin Glass talk for a while. She's so funny! And she's a bit wierd, and hyper...and fangirlish...LIKE ME! XDDD She even said how easily distracted she can get. If a window is open in the recording studio, she'll find the trucks passing by on the highway the most interesting things ever and will just gawk at them. ((I'm the same way XDD)) I really think she'd be able to hang with our little group. She'd get along with us quite well.

Anyways, since I was late getting there, I had to wait on a somewhat longish line to get my pass to get inside. Nikki had already been there for a few hours so she got to see the dealer room and such. When she told me that there were Death Notes in there, I squee'd. Since I was still on the line, Nikki volunteered to get a Death Note for me. I opened the box as soon as she gave it to me.


It's even got all the names that Light wrote in during the series XDDDD I'm gonna bring it to school. I'm pretty sure I won't use it...but I just really wanted it. Besides, it can be used as a cosplay prop XDDD

Ah, speaking of cosplay, I was Envy that day. Since it was a bit chilly, I just decided to wear parts of my costume with casual clothes over it in the car, and then put the rest of it on in the bathroom.

I did just that. I just had to put my skirt on and the sock thingies and I was done. I didn't feel like dying my hair green, so I just left it as it was. I didn't have enough spray anyways. Envy's hair is black in the manga anyway I believe. o.o

So I walk out of the bathroom with Nikki and somebody at an art table by the door stops us for a picture.

"Alright, on three, look badass." ((XDDDD That's really what he said.))

Before we left, a girl working at that table called out for Envy and opened up her arms for a hug. XDDD

"Envy, hug. Come hug the busty person." ((She was wearing a corset XDDD))

Afterwards, Nikki said:

"Wow...You were glomped within the first five minutes of being Envy."

It's true XDDD I saw FullMetal Can there. She was Kimblee this year. Last year she was Hawkeye and pointed her 'gun' ((her hands in the shape of a gun XDD)) at my head in one of the group pictures XDDD She recognized me XDDD

Oh! By the way! While waiting on the line outside, a really good L and Light pair of cosplayers passed by. They were even handcuffed!! x3

Being the Death Note fangirl that I am, I immediately squealed. "I love you!!" They looked at me kinda funny, but they were probably used to fangirls squeeing at them already XDDD

I don't want this entry to be too long, so I shall write about Saturday's adventures in another entry ^^
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