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I-con Report! (Part II)

So! I shall continue my entry on I-con. Now I'll talk about Saturday.

So, me, Nikki, and mother took the train to the con. It was pretty fun. I'm pretty sure people were staring at me and Nikki because of what we were wearing. Well, Nikki had part of her outfit on, so it was probably not as noticable. I had on my entire outfit XDDD

We were both random shinigami from Bleach. I was originally going to be Hinamori, but my hair was not cooperating with me that morning, so I couldn't fix it up into a bun. I just settled for a ponytail with side bangs instead XD. Mother did not cosplay XD

Later on, the weather got really warm and it really made me regret that I wasn't Envy that day. My sister also kept wishing that she was Wrath that day. XDDD

In the Caitlin and Vic panel room, we saw a whole bunch of people who recognized us from last year. We remembered them too. They were all pretty awesome. I was especially remembered for that whole '50 against 1' battle last year XDDDD Speaking of that, there weren't that many Ed's this year. o.o

So anyway, got off topic there for a little bit. Let's go with the first event of the day.

Caitlin Glass' panel

It was in the same room as Vic's last year. The moment she walked in, the first thing I think I noticed was her bag. She was carrying a canvas bag with Mori-sempai painted on one side and Hunny-sempai on the other. It was so cute!!! x3 I really wanted it.

A lot of cool things were said at that panel. I'll just put the highlights. ^^

During her panel, I asked her who her favorite host was. Her answer was "Mori-sempai."

I also asked her, "If you were cast in Ouran High School Host Club, who would you play?" Her answer was "Eclair" because she'd like to play a more bad type character rather than her usual cute and upbeat ones.

I also asked her about her random 'FMA taco icons' on her livejournal kiristokyoto . Apparently, she was in a chatroom with some friends and fans one day and the random subject about the FMA characters running a taco restaurant came up. Each of the characters had their own individual taco.


Winry: 'Build your own taco'
Ed: 'the shrimp kids' meal taco' ((Lots of laughs on that one XDDD))
Al: 'hard on the outside, but soft on the inside taco' ((big group 'awwww' on that one))
Roy: 'the flaming taco' ((not literally XDD It's just really hot and spicy XDDD))
Gluttony: 'the ginormous taco' ((XDDDD))
Lust: 'the taco everybody wants, but can never have' ((XDDDD))
Armstrong: 'the sparktacular and beefy taco' ((that one's especially amusing XDDD))


Hmm...what other hilights were there...?

Ah, well, those of you who were there at Vic's panel last year, should remember that there was a little platform type thing in the middle of the main floor. Well, Caitlin sat upon this. But as the panel progressed, her pose gradually changed from time to time. First she was sitting on it, then she was kneeling on it, then she sat in the L pose on it ((I'm not sure if she knows Death Note very well though XDD)), then she took her shoes off and was standing on it, and then she went back to sitting on it XDDD

She then did her signature 'squee' for us a couple of times. She does it so easily! O___O She doesn't even need to prep for it beforehand. XDDD She also sang a little song that one of her characters sings randomly cause someone asked her to. She's got a nice voice.

She also has quite the soft spot for Havoc. She said that she's an EdXWinry supporter, but she got upset at the ending of the movie when Ed leaves her. She said that "He's too obsessed with the gypsy girl!" ((cue the group "OOOOHHHH!!!!)) So she said that Winry should just get together with Havoc and they can have a bunch of lovely "arian children." ((That's what she said really XDDD))

Hmm...other than those, I can't really remember too well. She is really cute and funny. She's also quite fangirly. She says she squees at cosplayers dressed as characters from the shows she likes. ((Like I do XDD)) At the 'Female Characters in anime' panel on Friday night, she paused while talking because she saw a Sakura and Syaoran couple of cosplayers sit down. She did a little squee and commented on their outfits. ((They really were good x3))

Looks like this is another long entry, so I won't go on any more than this. I'll continue Saturday's adventures in another entry XDDD
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