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I-con Report! (Part III)

Woooo!!! Part threeee!!!! XDDDD Let's keep going on about Saturday with...


Kay, so, we're in the VERY front row, unlike last year, we were a few rows back. This year, he was RIGHT in front of us! x3

So anyways, he walks into the room and looks around at the very large crowd before him XDDD Then he goes, "Wow, it seems like forever since I last saw you guys." Me, knowing that that wasn't true in my case, yell out, "I saw you in July!!!"

He then turns to me and walks up to me, causing me to squee on the inside. He then goes, "Really? Where?"

"AFO! I was Envy then." I point to mother. "She was Wrath!"

"Oooohh!! Right." He looks at my Bleach outfit. "Now what is this?"

Then he nods in agreement and goes, "Ah right, Bleach." ((He's in Bleach now too XDDD))

So anyways, he went on with the panel...here are the hilights: ((Some may not be in order XDDD))

Some girl, as a joke, bought him a box of powdered donuts XDDD He told us to pass the box around through the crowd. Those donuts were good XDD

Someone asked him to say the 'Mustang is dead sexy in a miniskirt" line. He laughed and then goes, "Did you guys hear the story about Aaron?" He then turns to me. "This was at AFO, you were at AFO." I squeal, laugh at the funniness of it, and nod enthusiastically. XDDD He was addressing me and my sis personally!! We were the only ones in the room who went to AFO, so we were the only ones who were really in on the story cause we were there when it happened x3 ((*sigh* I'm such a fangirl XDDD))

A girl wanted to ask him a question, so, he walked over to her. He then got distracted by her blue masquerade type mask. He then sang a little bit of 'Masquerade' from Phantom of the Opera. ((Cue: group fangirl squeal)) But then, my first thoughts were 'Okay, he knows Masquerade. A lot of people know that song.' But then he began singing part of 'All I Ask of You' ((cue: louder group fangirl squeal)). Then the girl let him put on her mask and he sang 'Help me make the music of the night...' ((cue: even louder group fangirl squeal))Then he goes, 'Sing! My angel of music!!' ((cue: HUGE group fangirl squeal, several fangirls, including the two sitting next to me began bowing down to him XDDD)) You do not know how tempted I was to stand up and sing Christine's 'aaaah's' in response to that XDDDD And then he continued with the chorus of 'All I Ask of You.' That is one of my most favorite songs EVAR!!!! I just basically melted when he sang it...He'd be such a good Raoul <3 *sigh*

Anyways, other hilights...

In the middle of answering someone's question, Vic's cell phone rings. He looks at the caller i.d. and then tells us, "Kay, when I answer, everybody say, 'Hi Michelle'" or something like that...so we do that. And then he tells us that she was flying on a plane to Colorado to visit her parents. And in my mind, I was thinking, 'Kay...she's a friend of his?...' But then he goes, "Bye sweetie, I love you." ((cue: big group 'awwwwwww')) Then a girl behind me said, "Vic's new girlfriend." And I was like 'awwwww' x3

Some kid in the audience wanted him to do the Broly voice. And you all know how much he hates doing the Broly voice XDDD He explained to the kid that doing the voice hurt his throat and said that he wouldn't be able to speak afterwards for a while. But then he felt really bad, and did it anyway XDDDD He's such a sweetheart!!! <3333333

Someone gave him a full grammatically correct English translation of 'True Light' from DNAngel, so now he might do a recording of the whole thing!! x3 I really hope he does. I LOBVE that song so much x3 <3333

He also told us that we should all push for Tsubasa to be on Adult Swim. Adult Swim doesn't really want to put a 'girly' show on because they think it won't be as popular as say, Fullmetal or Bleach. But WE SHALL GET TSUBASA ON ADULT SWIM VIC!! *shakes fist in determination*

He told us about his 'Fullmetal and Flame Show.' The one which stars the action figures of Ed and Roy. XDDD It sounded really funny, but because of a few issues, he can't show it just yet. He promises that we should be able to see it though ^^ But anyway, he told us the beginning of the show. He said that it's a replica of the Napoleon Dynamite beginning XDDD You know, where he's just standing there waiting for the bus to come. And then he throws the action figure out the bus window. The action figure thrown was the Roy one. It sounded really funny, but the funniest part of this hilight was that Vic did the Napoleon Dynamite dialogue from that scene.

"So what are you gonna do today Napoleon?"
"Whatever I feel like doing GOSH!!!"

It was pretty amusing XDDD

And then he had a box full of his cd's. Ever since I heard 'Nothing I Won't Give' in an FMA amv, I've been DYING to get his Metafiction CD, I just never got around to getting off of the Ranger site...but now I have it...and I handed the money to Vic and put it in his hand personally x3 *squee!*

Ummm...right...so...I guess those are all the major hilights of Vic's panel...I shall continue Saturday's adventures and my adventures at home in yet another post. XDDDD
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