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I-con Report! (Part IV)

Sooo...let's see...the rest of Saturday...

We hung around the dealer room for a while. Mother bought several pieces of Ouran merchandise. I shall post everything that I bought at this con later in this post. ((That excludes the ticket and food XDD))

In the dealer room, there was a FULL set of homunculi!! Along with an Ed and a Dante!! O____O You hardly EVER see a full set!! They usually leave out Pride and Gluttony! But this group had all of them!! That is one of my dream cosplays, to get a full set of homunculi together. I take Envy of course XDDDD Mother is Wrath ^^

Outside on the physics lawn, we saw a bunch of Naruto characters fighting and stuff...A Vash cosplayer tried to step in and stop the fighting by shouting 'Love and Peace!!' over and over again...that didn't really work though ^^0

There were also tons of Sailor Scouts at this con for some odd reason...perhaps they were there for the 'Magical Girl panel'? o.O I also saw several Bleach cosplayers..Other than those, there weren't really that many really good cosplays....You have to go to a real anime con to see those. ((A con that's not part sci-fi or anything, just purely a con just for anime/manga and video games. AFO is an example ^^))

Later on, we met up with Chris-sempai, the pres of Adelphi's anime club...We walked around for a while. And then at 6...or something, we went to the Mythbusters panel. The bloopers were pretty mad funny XDDD

Hmm...yeah...I think that's about it...Now let me tell you guys what I spent my money on at this con XDDD

Death Note
Death Note manga vol. 10
Death Note wallscroll
Kumagorou plushie ((I finally got it!! I love it!! It's so soft and fluffy x3))
Vic's Metafiction CD ((so goooood ;___;))

There was no L plushie ;___;

All I really want now to be complete are:

L plushie
Tamaki plushie
Usa-chan plushie ((Hunny-sempai's stuffed bunny x3))

Umm...I'd tell you about the train ride home, but that might make this post too long, so ...STAY TUNED FOR PART V!!! XDDDD
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