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It's tea time <3

...*can't think of witty entry title >.>;;;*

Right...so...this month on the 19th, Death Note: How to Read 13 aka: Death Note vol. 13 is coming out...as well as the Death Note: Another Note prequel novel....

You do NOT how tempted I am to just whip out my credit card right now and order them both on Amazon. XDDDD;;;

This entry was kind of pointless...but I'm bored and waiting for class to start in a few minutes XDDD;;;;

"So a bunch of royal dead guys are watching us?..."

Yes...apparently so..u.u

H'okay, so...this entry will now be used to spazz about how ABSOLUTELY F-ING AMAZING LION KING WAS!!!

Holy shit!! It was GORGEOUS!! The music! The costumes! EVERYTHING

And here's something random...seeing this musical has actually made me appreciate Scar more. XDDD;

I never hated him or anything like that. It was just that I didn't really pay very much attention to him. I wasn't all 'OMFG I LOVE SCAAAAAAR...desu' But after seeing the musical, I learned to really like him. The actor who portrayed him was just...so good at it and...yeah, I dunno XDDD;

The Lion King become my second favorite musical x3 The Phantom of the Opera is of course, my first favorite. ^^

But anyway, I'd LOVE to see it again, but alas, it's hard to get tickets for. XP

*blows the dust off of her livejournal*

Seriously, why haven't I been updating? XDDD;

Well, perhaps it's cause there's nothing really to update about...til now I guess xDDD;

So, last Wednesday, I started school again ((whee XP))

I actually like my classes so far. ...Except for maybe one, but it's only occurred once since school started. And I'm actually sitting here typing this out as I wait for this class. So, I'll give it a chance. Perhaps, as time goes on, I may grow to like it XDDD; Maybe I'll actually read this time XDD;

*looks around* my GOD! Where the f*** is everyone?! I'm so freakin' bored and I've still got two hours left on break DDDX....I should really get a job to like...have something to do during this time XP

Hmm...I thought I had some more stuff to say...but apparently...I don't XDDD;

...Oh! Hay, I know why I haven't updated in a while XDD; I've actually gotten back into real drawing, not like doodles in class and stuff. I mean like...actual stuff. And I have learned to color them on Photoshop desu...Perhaps I shall put some of my art here one time...even though, most of you on my f-list have probably seen it already. XDDDD;

Oh...and...umm...mini Death Note dub review: ((based off the last two episodes..or something XDD; ))

I REALLY like Misa's English voice.
I also like Rem's English voice.


I don't remember L making that much noise while he was eating in the Japanese version...wtf man? o____o;;;...


ZOMG!! Sweeney Todd is coming out on Christmas day desu!! MUST. GO. WATCH. <3333

But that's besides the point. So, what is this journal entry for? Just as an 'after-the-weekend-beginning-of-a-new-week' update on Java-chan's life I suppose. ^^

Let's start with fandoms, since I've been getting into a few new ones over the last few weeks. I just never actually wrote an entry on them. Let's start in...alphabetical order I guess XDD;

Code Geass

This. show. is. AWESOME. Alas, I've only seen up to episode 6. I haven't been able to find the time to watch the rest of the series. So far, Lulu aka. Lelouch Lamperouge is my favorite character, but I heard from Tim that he turns into a real bastard.

The series, the characters especially, remind me A LOT of Death Note.

Lulu/Zero = Light/Kira
Suzaku = L
C.C. = Ryuk

I should really watch the rest of the series. ^^

The Twilight series


I. LOBVE this series. I'm only halfway through the first book, but I really like it so far!! My favorite characters so far are Edward and Bella. If I were to choose just one favorite though, it'd be Edward. <3333 He sounds so...GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, I like...melt as I read about him!! I feel just as swoony as Bella does when she talks about him in the book <333 I have also concluded that Edward is the 'brooding prince' type. He's like, romantic and caring and gentlemanly, and yet, also angsty and hiding some inner turmoil away from the girl he loves. *0*

I sound like Renge desu xDDDD;

And now, some Con updates desu

My cousin from the Philippines is coming with us to the con!! YAAAY <333 I managed to buy a ticket for him too. ^^

As for cosplay issues...I bought the materials I need to make my sister and my Mokona ears, as well as butterfly pin that Tim's gonna wear. As for the actual outfits, I've got a clear idea of what we're gonna wear. XDD; As for the thrift store...I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN MY F-ING CAR IS GETTING REPAIRED DDDX. Freakin' inconvenience at the most INCONVENIENT time DDDX

How are we getting there? I'm quite sure that we'll be taking the train. As for going home, my uncle's picking me, my sister, Tim, and his son up. XDD;

I have COUNTED my con savings and I apparently have 200 something. That should be fine for the con ^^ Probably more than enough ^^

Anyways...I should stop procrastinating now and finish up my paper XP

And in other news...my family's going to go see Lion King on Broadway on February 1st o.o yey!

And so...life is back to normal desu...

..But since when was my life ever 'normal'? XDD;

Anyway, yes. Thanksgiving break is over and everyone's back at school. *SIGH*

My, that was a rather big, hearty sigh.

I don't have much time to do a 'real' entry, so let's just list some of the things I'm currently thinking about o.o...

4.My second cosplay is most likely gonna end up being the white Mokona.
5.Hopefully, my sister will be the black Mokona with me.
6.Where's my mom? ((I'm currently waiting for her to pick me up from school. My car's still broken X___x))
7.SOOOOO HAPPY my first class got cancelled. x3
8.I feel like playing with my Wii.
9.I'm hungry.
13.Hair.in.face. -___- ((I probably look pretty emo.))
14.WHERE'S MY MOM?! O_____O


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $164
((I believe my mom owes me 40 bucks o__o...))
Christmas money: $0 ;0;
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I hope you all are having/had a wonderful Turkey Day desu!! x3

My Thanksgiving was alright. We didn't really do much, so, there's really not that much to write about. XDD; Oh! But I must write this...


Happy Birthday to my grampa! x3 I love you!!!

Yesterday was a fun day though. Hanging out with friends and seeing 'Enchanted' was amazing. GO SEE ENCHANTED DESU!! IT'S REALLY GOOD AND FUNNY!!! X3

Expect to see an'Enchanted ' or fairy tale themed photoshoot sometime soon. XDDDD;

NEW ICON DESU!!! And some cosplay musings...x3

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Father for making my new icon desu!! <333 *blomp!*

As several of you may or may not know, I've been obsessed with both Death Note and Naruto. My favorite Naruto character is Sasuke, hence the icon. XDDD;

On a random note, I've developed a slight obsession of taking pictures of myself..you know...with those facebook-y/myspace-like angles? XDDD;

A common thing I do in those shots is the 'L thumb.' x3 But anyways..I've also become obsessed with taking 'pseudo-cosplay' pics XDD; So far, I've cosplayed as L and Sasuke, my favorites from the two series I'm currently obsessed with XDD; I plan to cosplay the two of them for real one day though XDD; I just need to cut my hair a bit shorter in order to pull of their spiky hairdos XDD; So, if you ever see me at a con as L, expect me to cosplay as Sasuke like, the day after or something XDD;

I also tried to do a Mello cosplay. I've got the clothes...but like...my hair's the problem. I still have to find a more appropriate wig for that cosplay XDDD;

I'll eventually put up the pictures from these private, latenight photoshoots. I just need to freakin' RESIZE them all. XDD;

I look so freakin' emo in a lot of the pictures though! Especially when I cosplay as Sasuke XDDD; Well..then again...I suppose that's accurate...Sasuke's my cute little angst muffin X3


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $223
Christmas money: $0
DOT Lahoo &lt;333

Java-chan's life update desu o.o

Right, I haven't posted in a few days XDDD; Overall, those few days were pretty uneventful. The only major event that happened was that my cousins from the Philippines went back home...well...my cousin went back home...The older one out of the two decided that he wasn't going to go back. He's going to stay here in America. ^^ 

Personally, I think it's pretty cool. We can hang out more now ^^ He's still pretty shy though. I'm sure he'll open up eventually. ^^ Oh, and if you guys are wondering, his brother's going to come back to stay in America after he finishes up the three months or so of high school that he has left. He wants to graduate before coming here. ^^ He should be back here in March. I'd rather not explain the Filipino school system, it's a different from the American one and I don't even fully understand it, so, I won't be explaining. XDDD; 

But yeah, it'd be really awesome to have those two here. YAY for even MORE cousins here!! I already have a lot of them here XDDD; The more the merrier though!! ^^

So...yeah...like I said...nothing much really happened over the past few days since Halloween...so...this is just a really short update on my life XDDD;

Oh on a random note...I LOVE MY WII <3333

And also...Christmas...is freakin' NEXT MONTH. Holy crap! O___O Time's moving so fast! I have to get presents for everyone XDD; Perhaps, instead of saving for my dolly, Lawliet, after NY Anime Festival, I should just use my leftover money and whatever money I save after it, for Christmas shopping...YES, yes, that is what I shall do! O___O I'm sorry Lawliet!! ;0; Java-chan will bring you home eventually!! ;0;


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $121
Christmas money: $0 
DOT Lahoo &lt;333

City funtimes desu~!

Hiiiii everyone!! I had a rather fun day desu~! But first...

I am SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO SOOO SORRY to Tim and his sister for not being able to show up for the party at your house!! I really wanted to go!! I'm sure it would have been so much fun!!! ;0;

Just wanted to get that out before I went into my stories of the day. Today, I went with my mom, my aunt, my uncle, their two kids ((my cousins from the Philippines)), and my other uncle to NYC for a fun day of sight seeing, shopping, and other fun various things. So let's start from the beginning.

We traveled by car. We left my house at about 10:30ish and entered the city at around 11 ish. 30 minutes about....not that bad ^^ Once we got there, my aunt, mom, and I went in line for the TKTS booth in the Mariott Hotel ((however you spell it XDD; )) We planned on watching a Broadway show. We managed getting tickets for Hairspray.

The show was at 2, so we still had some time to grab some lunch. We wanted to make it quick, so we just went McDonalds XDDD;

Anyways! Show time desu! It turns out, the tickets we bought were all single seats. Our lovely group of 7 had to separate, but luckily, all the seats were in generally the same area. ^^ So we all weren't far from each other. We were all in the front mezzanine and they were good seats too!! x3 The show was good by the way. It was funny too ^^ I got a program for my sister cause she wasn't able to go. She wasn't feeling that well. She likes collecting those programs from Broadway shows. I got a shirt ^^.

After the show, we had some time before dinner time, so we walked around for a bit. We visited various stores, like the M&M store! x3 My aunt and cousins bought a few things. And then...I think we went to the Hershey store for a little bit, but we didn't buy anything....for some...ODD reason O___o...I was kind of tempted to buy this HUGE ASS Hershey bar...but...it would probably melt while I was hauling it around XDDD;

And then, we all started getting hungry, so we walked over to eat at Planet Hollywood. Since Halloween's in just a few days, like...the whole staff, the waiters etc, were all in COSTUME DESU! Seriously! It felt sort of like I was eating at a Cosplay Cafe!! Speaking of which, if there ever was one around, I would SO totally work there!! x3 A few of the notable costumes were a Jack Sparrow, the killer guy from Saw, Mario and Luigi, a gorilla, and a ghost buster with an inflatable pack on his back XDDD; Our waitress was dressed as one of those Strawberry shortcake type characters XDD;

But that was fun...After eating, we headed over to Nintendo World. My cousin had wanted to download a rare Pokemon into his game. NINTENDO WORLD WAS SO MUCH FUN DESU O_______________O I spent most of the time like playing the preview of the new Naruto game for the Wii XDDD; IT WAS FUN. WHEN I GET MY WII...I AM GETTING THAT GAME.

I fought as Sasuke of course...because...I lobve Sasuke x3 I also have the sudden urge to cosplay as him...hmm...perhaps...I shall...someday xDDD;

Well anyway! The merchandise section ((the shirts, plushies, etc.)) area was closed off because the store was like...closing in half an hour, so we unfortunately didn't get to look at the cool stuff there ;^; Ah wells...maybe next time....

And after Nintendo World...we got back in the car and headed back home. It took about half an hour, same as before. And now here I am, typing this out. We took lots of pictures, but they're mostly on my aunt's camera. I took few pictures myself with my camera, but they're mostly of Broadway show signs...cause I'm lame like that XDD;

I do have a picture with the cute little Pikachu statue that was in Nintendo World though! x3

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