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Another one of these fandom quiz things XDDD

Jot down the names of twelve characters before viewing the questions. Then answer them and share the hilarity that results!

These are in no particular order...well...maybe the first 5 are XDDD

1. Yami Bakura ((Yugioh))
2. L ((Death Note))
3. Envy ((Fullmetal Alchemist))
4. Fai D. Flourite ((Tsubasa Chronicle))
5. Mello ((Death Note))
6. Akito Sohma ((Fruits Basket))
7. Ayame Sohma ((Fruits Basket))
8. Dark Mousy ((DNAngel))
9. Tamaki Suoh ((Ouran High School Host Club))
10. Mokona ((Tsubasa Chronicle))
11. Tohru Honda ((Fruits Basket))
12. Momiji Sohma ((Fruits Basket))

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