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DOT Lahoo <333

Java-chan's life update desu o.o

Right, I haven't posted in a few days XDDD; Overall, those few days were pretty uneventful. The only major event that happened was that my cousins from the Philippines went back home...well...my cousin went back home...The older one out of the two decided that he wasn't going to go back. He's going to stay here in America. ^^ 

Personally, I think it's pretty cool. We can hang out more now ^^ He's still pretty shy though. I'm sure he'll open up eventually. ^^ Oh, and if you guys are wondering, his brother's going to come back to stay in America after he finishes up the three months or so of high school that he has left. He wants to graduate before coming here. ^^ He should be back here in March. I'd rather not explain the Filipino school system, it's a different from the American one and I don't even fully understand it, so, I won't be explaining. XDDD; 

But yeah, it'd be really awesome to have those two here. YAY for even MORE cousins here!! I already have a lot of them here XDDD; The more the merrier though!! ^^

So...yeah...like I said...nothing much really happened over the past few days since Halloween...so...this is just a really short update on my life XDDD;

Oh on a random note...I LOVE MY WII <3333

And also...Christmas...is freakin' NEXT MONTH. Holy crap! O___O Time's moving so fast! I have to get presents for everyone XDD; Perhaps, instead of saving for my dolly, Lawliet, after NY Anime Festival, I should just use my leftover money and whatever money I save after it, for Christmas shopping...YES, yes, that is what I shall do! O___O I'm sorry Lawliet!! ;0; Java-chan will bring you home eventually!! ;0;


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692
NY Anime Festival: $121
Christmas money: $0 


Just in case you guys didn't know already XDDD;

I still don't know what I'm doing XDD; I think my family and I are going to go to a restaurant for dinner on my actual birthday. So, I won't be at Anime Club this week XDDD;

And then...maybe...over the weekend or something, I think I may have a get-together with friends...or...something...I still have no idea really XDDD;

And...what do I want for my birthday this year?...I...have no idea XDD; I'll appreciate any presents I do get though ^^

Perhaps I can get to the mall soon though XDD; I still need to buy my striped socks <33

In other news, my cousins from the Philippines came today!! It was awesome!! I found it quite amusing that they thought it was so cold. It's really hot in the Philippines, so they're not used to the New York weather XDDD;

They sure grew a lot since the last time I saw them though. One of them, who used to be such a shrimp is now taller than I am XDDD; No fair! XDD;

You may get to meet them soon though. One of them has the same birthday as I do, so if I do manage to have a get-together with friends, my cousins will be there too XDD;

On a random note, I'm in a rather cosplay-y mood right now XDD; I did a random psuedo-Sasuke cosplay last night cause I was bored. I just used some random stuff I could find in my closet XDDD;

I should have taken pictures. Ah well...I'll do it again soon. I should actually post a whole bunch of pictures from past cosplays here XDDD;


DOT Lahoo: $105/$692

I'm gonna stop saving for you for now...I'm sorry Lawliet!! I'll bring you home someday!! ;0;