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It's tea time <3

...*can't think of witty entry title >.>;;;*

Right...so...this month on the 19th, Death Note: How to Read 13 aka: Death Note vol. 13 is coming out...as well as the Death Note: Another Note prequel novel....

You do NOT how tempted I am to just whip out my credit card right now and order them both on Amazon. XDDDD;;;

This entry was kind of pointless...but I'm bored and waiting for class to start in a few minutes XDDD;;;;

Halloween picy-tures desu!! x3

I've FINALLY gotten around to resizing and uploading all my Halloween pics desu XDDDD; Halloween was fun by the way. My feet hurt SOOO from walking around in those chunky, platform shoes...but...the candy was worth it XDDD; Plus, it's preparation for the con in December. I shall be Misa Misa then as well. ^^ Unfortunately, I didn't really get that much pictures of the actual trick or treating or of everyone else's costumes. My camera battery was in my friend's pocket at the time and I didn't get a chance to get it until after everything happened XDDD; So..These pictures are pretty much...all of me XDDDD; Sorry about that ^^;;;

The first few pictures are of me in the Sbarro's my friends and I ate at after trick or treating. The rest are of my little photo shoot in my bedroom. XDDD; I had to take them myself, so they have those funky 'MySpace/Facebook' type angles XDDD; I did quite enjoy taking them though ^^

Anyway, here are the pictures! ^^ There's quite a bit though. I hope you guys don't mind ^^;;

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