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I-con Report! (Part IV)

Sooo...let's see...the rest of Saturday...

We hung around the dealer room for a while. Mother bought several pieces of Ouran merchandise. I shall post everything that I bought at this con later in this post. ((That excludes the ticket and food XDD))

In the dealer room, there was a FULL set of homunculi!! Along with an Ed and a Dante!! O____O You hardly EVER see a full set!! They usually leave out Pride and Gluttony! But this group had all of them!! That is one of my dream cosplays, to get a full set of homunculi together. I take Envy of course XDDDD Mother is Wrath ^^

Outside on the physics lawn, we saw a bunch of Naruto characters fighting and stuff...A Vash cosplayer tried to step in and stop the fighting by shouting 'Love and Peace!!' over and over again...that didn't really work though ^^0

There were also tons of Sailor Scouts at this con for some odd reason...perhaps they were there for the 'Magical Girl panel'? o.O I also saw several Bleach cosplayers..Other than those, there weren't really that many really good cosplays....You have to go to a real anime con to see those. ((A con that's not part sci-fi or anything, just purely a con just for anime/manga and video games. AFO is an example ^^))

Later on, we met up with Chris-sempai, the pres of Adelphi's anime club...We walked around for a while. And then at 6...or something, we went to the Mythbusters panel. The bloopers were pretty mad funny XDDD

Hmm...yeah...I think that's about it...Now let me tell you guys what I spent my money on at this con XDDD

Death Note
Death Note manga vol. 10
Death Note wallscroll
Kumagorou plushie ((I finally got it!! I love it!! It's so soft and fluffy x3))
Vic's Metafiction CD ((so goooood ;___;))

There was no L plushie ;___;

All I really want now to be complete are:

L plushie
Tamaki plushie
Usa-chan plushie ((Hunny-sempai's stuffed bunny x3))

Umm...I'd tell you about the train ride home, but that might make this post too long, so ...STAY TUNED FOR PART V!!! XDDDD
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I-con Report! (Part II)

So! I shall continue my entry on I-con. Now I'll talk about Saturday.

So, me, Nikki, and mother took the train to the con. It was pretty fun. I'm pretty sure people were staring at me and Nikki because of what we were wearing. Well, Nikki had part of her outfit on, so it was probably not as noticable. I had on my entire outfit XDDD

We were both random shinigami from Bleach. I was originally going to be Hinamori, but my hair was not cooperating with me that morning, so I couldn't fix it up into a bun. I just settled for a ponytail with side bangs instead XD. Mother did not cosplay XD

Later on, the weather got really warm and it really made me regret that I wasn't Envy that day. My sister also kept wishing that she was Wrath that day. XDDD

In the Caitlin and Vic panel room, we saw a whole bunch of people who recognized us from last year. We remembered them too. They were all pretty awesome. I was especially remembered for that whole '50 against 1' battle last year XDDDD Speaking of that, there weren't that many Ed's this year. o.o

So anyway, got off topic there for a little bit. Let's go with the first event of the day.

Caitlin Glass' panel

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